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I just want to thank you for the accommodation you have made this week to allow me to leave these bags here. It has been a massive help and is very much appreciated. Also, thank you for the last year - we have enjoyed living in these houses and have found the services excellent. [01/07/10]

Thanks so much for your help over the past year. [16/08/10]

Thanks for this year, our house has been one of the best regarding landlords and maintenance issues. [06/08/11]

Thanks again for all your help throughout our stay with you. We have really appreciated all you have done. [08/08/11]

Thank you for all your support this year, especially with previous tenants. [08/08/11]

Just to say thanks for all the work that’s been going on in the house! It looks amazing, and we all can’t wait to move in! We will do our best to be excellent tenants and keep your home in top condition for you! [16/08/11]

I have been really pleased with the service Warren, John and yourself have provided - especially with the speed of service when we needed help with maintenance. [10/01/12]

Speaking on behalf of all of us; we have had a fantastic year in that house and some unforgettable moments. So thank you to Warren and John for making our stay pleasant. [30/06/12]

Thank you for everything over this last year, I would recommend you and Warren as landlords in the future. [31/08/12]

Just wanted to express how much we appreciate, and how quick and reliable you have been during our first month of tenancy. You have put hugely to shame previous landlords we have had, where we have worried about whether things will be fixed or tended to. It’s a huge relief knowing we can rely on you during our first year if we have any issues! [31/10/13]

Just to thank you for the past two years, we haven’t got a bad word to say about your services and will definitely recommend to anyone in future. [14/04/14]

Many thanks for everything the year, we have all enjoyed it. [16/06/14]

Your house is beautiful, and we could not have asked for a better landlord, you made searching for a home easy and stress-free. We would like to say a big thank you for everything that you have done for us this year. We have had a fantastic year in your house and believe that you made a great contribution as to why. We feel truly blessed that you allowed us to stay in your property and hope future tenants are so happy and comfortable as we were. [09/12/14]

Thank you for being such a great landlord, responding to queries quickly and taking care of any issues! 100% recommendable and very friendly! You have all even absolutely amazing over the past three years, and we will always highly recommend you! [18/06/16]

Just wanted to let you know it has been a pleasure to be a tenant in one of your properties. Responses have been brilliant; any issues or queries with the house have been answered ASAP. And it has been a pleasure to have you as a landlord; you’ve been much nicer than most landlords around the area! [03/07/18]

Thanks for all your help this year, you’ve been a great and honest landlord! [21/07/2018]

Just want to say, that you guys have been the best landlords I have been with during my stay at Coventry. [08/10/18]

Thanks a lot for all your help and a good house for our 2nd year! [23/07/18]

This is my third year staying with WJD Properties, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Warren & Gill are two of the most considerate landlords that I, as a student, have rented off in Coventry. They’re about their tenants and understand that people (especially students) can struggle with personal financial issues. They gave me the significant space and time I needed in order to resolve my problems, which meant I couldn’t pay the rent on time, until they were resolved. Meeting me with understanding and patience, rather than taking action. Their assistant, Ravi, works hard to make sure that each tenant is comfortable in their home. He answers calls and messages promptly to ensure any problems are fixed and always offering a helping hand, or advice when needed to someone who may be struggling. I would recommend WJD Properties to anyone looking for a student-friendly private landlord with a great and caring team of people working tirelessly to ensure you live in a safe and stress-free home. [22/01/19]

Thank you for your help, I appreciate the work and help you've given over the last few years. Warren and Ravi have been amazing landlords. So thank you for the opportunity to have two houses with you all. [09/10/19]

Really enjoyed staying at the house, appreciate the quick response to queries and the way issues were handled. [24/07/19]

I have enjoyed staying in your properties over the last 3 years and I’d like to thank Ravi, Warren, and yourself for being easy to contact and making sure things are right. [05/08/21]

I would also like to let you know that it was a pleasure to stay at Kingsway. I have made very fond memories that I will cherish forever. Thank you for being very helpful throughout the year! [01/08/21]

I’d also like to say a huge thank you to you, Ravi and Warren for being such a great team over the last 2 years. You all work so hard and have always there to help when we’ve needed it, I’ve always recommended you all to my friends when they’ve been looking for a place to live and will continue to in the future! Thank you so much again. [23/07/21]

I, Y.M., am writing this letter to attest to the degree of compassion, dedication, and commitment that WJD Properties have to providing excellent student housing. Retrospectively, I have not had the best experience with previous housemates and accommodation providers; this made things very difficult: mentally, emotionally, and academically. However, it was WJD that helped me through this time; not only were they understanding to my situation, but they had gone out of their way to make things easier for me. I feel as a student, having a landlord that cares beyond the interests of their own business is one of the most vital qualities to have and WJD provides that. Warren, Ravi, and Gill have been nothing but excellent in ensuring an easy transition into a more efficient, organised, and relaxed environment; I would be more than happy to recommend WJD Properties to anyone looking for outstanding student housing. [16/07/21] 

It’s been a lovely year and you guys have been nothing but helpful catering to our needs, on behalf of everyone we’d like to say a big thank you! [12/07/21]

Just wanted to say thanks for this year and always helping us sort issues and problems in the house you’ve been great.  [02/07/21]

Thank you for all your availability, sympathy, and help. I really enjoyed living on Humber Avenue! [28/06/21]

Thank you… highly recommend staying in one of WJD Properties as their abilities and response towards renting student accommodations is outmatched. I end this letter with a warm thank you for all WJD Properties did while I stayed at the house, as when times got tough, they did not hesitate to give a helping hand and be understanding. [20/07/20]

Big thank you to you and everyone at WJD Properties for being great, and easy-going landlord who made our university experience as enjoyable as it could be. [16/07/20]

My housemates and I received the house in a very clean and tidy manner, and the houses are kept and cleaned to a very high standard. Would highly recommend WJD Properties when looking for student accommodation, as they have a range of housing with varying amount of rooms. [29/05/20]

I would highly recommend WJD Properties. They are very professional, honest and genuinely nice. I was very impressed with Warren Dunn. He was never too busy to answer any questions asked. He talked me through every stage of concern raised regarding the tenancy. He then resolved any issue promptly. I have to say Ravi was brilliant. He explained the paperwork clearly before the contract was signed. Any update letters were emailed with plenty of time to reply. The apartment was comfortable, warm and of a good standard. 07/05/20]

We want to say a massive thank you for everything you’ve done for us this year! Whenever we had any issues with anything in the house, someone was always out to look and sort it ASAP, so we are very grateful. Thank you for providing such a lovely home for us to live in for our final year at uni and making it the best year possible, we’re really appreciative! [04/06/20]

Ravi has been an amazing landlord this year. The house is in a good location and of a high standard. If there was ever an issue, Ravi was really easy to contact either via email or WhatsApp message - a lot easier to contact than my previous landlords - and any issue was sorted really quickly and without bother. Ravi as a landlord is a really friendly guy and very reasonable when it came to having to pay rent on a different date due to student finance payment dates. He genuinely seems to care about his tenants. [18/06/19]

Ravi has been very attentive and approachable when situations needed sorting and was very quick with responses. [09/07/19]

Thank you for the quick response to the problem or questions that have arisen throughout our stay. [10/07/19]

Just wanted to thank yourself (Gill), Ravi and Warren for an amazing two years in the property. It very much so became home and you were all so great at helping whenever we needed it! [12/07/19]

WJD Properties have a very quick response rate to any issue we are having with the property... Very easy to contact and pricing and deposits are incredibly reasonable. [17/07/19] 

The service provided was excellent, every question answered quickly and every issue was resolved in a timely manner. The only suggestion I would make is telling the tenants how much allowance they have in regards to gas, electricity and water. If possible also give monthly updates on how much has been used to avoid overusing. [17/07/19]

It was a very pleasant house with a lovely landlord to take care of us. Ravi was extremely helpful whenever we had a query and any problem were always sorted in a very time-efficient manner. With the recent renovations to the garden and bathrooms, this is without a doubt a lovely place to live. I would highly recommend them. [18/07/19]

Thank you for having me! I received excellent service from your team and whenever we reported something, it was dealt with right away. The house was lovely too. Again, thank you so much for the excellent service this year! [19/07/19] 

I would like to thank you for your service over the last two years. [19/07/19]